Vertebral Body Resection

All-posterior (ALL-P) vertebral body resection allows for one-stage deformity correction. This approach spares the patient an anterior approach through the chest or abdomen. These anterior approaches are associated with increased morbidity. 

The amount of deformity correction through an ALL-P approach is  similar if not superior to that achieved with combined anterior- posterior approached or stage procedures. 

The use of spinal cord monitoring and the assistance of a co-surgeon are imperative to maintain neurologic function during these complex procedures.

We have extensive experience in treating patients with cancer, infection, fractures, failed spine surgery, and congenital conditions through an ALL-P vertebral body resection.

Case Examples

Scoliosis Treatement
Case One: T4 Osteosarcoma. Resected from all posterior approach. Expandable cage.
Scoliosis Treatement
Case Two: Chronic T12 burst fracture. Resected from all posterior approach. Expandable cage.