Patient Testimonials

My Scoliosis Story


Hi, I'm Kellyann and this is my scoliosis story. I was only 10 years old when I found out that I had scoliosis. Scoliosis occurs when you grow too fast and your spine can't catch up with your body, so it curves.

My mom woke me up to go to the doctor's office for a simple checkup. Dr. Manies looked at my back and he told my mom that he had found a slight curve in my spine. My doctor told me I had nothing to worry about because it's just a little curve. We just have to watch it and make sure the curve doesn't increase.

Months pass and I went back to the doctor for another checkup. Doctor Maines looked at my back and told me my curve has gotten worse. Doctor Manies setup an appointment with another doctor out in Palos Hills. I went there two weeks later to take some x-rays. The doctor told me I needed to get fitted for a back brace. I'm not going to lie to you, it totally sucked! I had to wear that thing all the time. My friends told me it was so cool and I got rock solid abs. I could only take it off when I took a shower.

After years of long visits with my new doctor in Palos Hills, the day has finally come. I don't have to wear that nasty-uncomfortable brace anymore! Woo-hoo!

I was transferred to another doctor in Hickory Hills. His name was Doctor Rinella. The place was really nice. Nurse Patty was amazing. She always gave me suckers and stickers.

Another day came along, but this time it was really serious. Doctor Rinella told me my curve has increased to the point to where the only option was surgery. I had a curve of 45 degrees.

My heart was going a million miles a minute. Surgery day was finally here! (Gulp) I had to wake up at 5AM! I was so tired, I couldn't sleep the night before. We arrived at Loyola hospital and they told me it's time. I was so nervous but I knew my whole family was behind me and Doctor Rinella would fix me up.

The surgery lasted 6 hours. My family waiting for me. Honestly, I don't remember alot of it. All I remember is waking up in the recovery room. My grandma brought me McDonalds because the hospital food was awful.

I had physical therapy everyday. I had to learn how to walk again. I also made a lot of friends in the hospital. I got a cool scar and its fun going to airports and setting off the alarms.

It's been two years since my surgery. I'm so glad I did it. I feel great!

It's okay to be scared. Trust me I know what it was like. I feel like the wolverine from X-men, only I don't have claws. I just have a strong back with 15 rods and over 20 screws.

Thank you Dr. Rinella, you are the best!
God bless you.