Patient Testimonials

Adolescent Scoliosis

Denise had a common problem: adolescent scoliosis that kept getting worse despite using a brace. Over time we watched her curve increase to over 45 degrees, and she had quite a bit of growth remaining. She had two curves: a large thoracic curve (the upper curve) and a smaller lumbar curve. X-rays of her bending to each side demonstrated the upper curve was the rigid curve, and the lower curve occurred when the body tried to center her head over her hips. We call these "compensatory" curves because the body tries to compensate for the main curve. I recommended a selective thoracic fusion in order to maintain as much motion as possible in her lower back. We knew this would leave a curve below the instrumented section, but this would be much better than fusing her whole spine. She did extremely well after surgery and has no pain whatsoever.

Pre-Op AP X-ray
Pre-Op AP X-ray
Pre-Op lateral X-ray
Pre-Op Lateral X-ray
Post-Op AP X-ray
Post-Op AP X-ray
Post-Op lateral X-ray
Post-Op Lateral X-ray
Thank You Letter

Dr. Rinella, Thank you for bringing me to good health again. I thank God for sending someone like you. My family and I are thankful for what you did to me. We have the best wishes for you to continue your work. And to keep helping people the way you did me.

- Your patient, Denise and family